News & Updates!  
Put some new work up! Check it out! I was featured in Computer Arts Magazine back in July 2008. I should have put a scan up! I'll do that soon.Been doing a lot of shows and working on music. Holy's almost been about a year since I got this site up and running. Seriously...where has the time gone?! This is crazy.
09.23.08's been a awhile! I've been living in Atlanta since the end of June. I just started my first job in July. I've been working on some packaging projects and keeping very busy with the music. Even though I've only been here for a few months, some big things have been happening. Check back in a few days for more detailed updates. There are new projects that will posted asap. I'm exhausted!!!
Just added a bunch of new stuff.I graduate in 2 days!!!!
Just added a new project, Change The Channel. Check it out. Be sure to check out the research too.
Just added some new projects. Finally got shots of them...THANKS INGRID!!!! Still got more new stuff to post...just in the process of photographing them. I still plan on switching my site over to indexhibit as soon as I figure out how it works. I'm having some technical problems.

I will be switching this site over to indexhibit pretty soon. I recently found about it and thought it'd be interesting to try out. If you haven't heard of it, definitely check the site out and everyone who uses it. I have a lot of new work that needs to be posted up here, but I'll wait until I switch the site over, which will be very soon! Stay tuned.

Danny's "AND I LOVE H.E.R." album is near complete. We finished the artwork recently as well.Look for that soon. For now, hear the new tracks on his myspace page.


There will be 2 upcoming shows this week so check out the shows page for more info. I also added new links as well.

Just got back into Savannah for my second to last quarter of college! Got some new projects (design & music) in the works so keep your eyes open. I'll be posting them up as soon as they are finished. I'm still in the process of getting photos taken for the Style Wars DVD and the Target Art Direction book. The new Danny! album titled "And I Love H.E.R." is almost finished, as well as the art so I'll be putting that up here soon as well. Check out his myspace page for new postings and tracks as well as mine.

The Website is finally up! Above is a picture taken from a recent photoshoot for Danny!'s upcoming album entitled "And I Love Her." Check out the rest in Gallery 001. All photos were taken by Ingrid Hertfelder. © 2007. Besides co-producing the album, i'll also be collaborating with him & Branden Collin's on the artwork. Check out more about Danny at or


Stay tuned for more updates!